first weekend back to cumbria

I am sitting on a low stool, upstairs in the Penrith Conservative Club, a week after my election. There are more than twenty people, seated in front of me and between them they’ve travelled almost a thousand miles to be there. I last sat beside Ray, on a hay bale in Rockcliffe; Joe and Ducan, […]


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mike parr breakfast show

Before news of the tragic shootings in West Cumbria emerged I did a brief radio interview with the Mike Parr Breakfast Show on Radio Cumbria. Audio clip taken from the programme on 2nd June 2010. Listen!

debate with ayaan hirsi ali and christopher hitchens

Clip from debate with Christopher Hitchens and Ayaan Hirsi Ali discussing the issues relating to Afghanistan.


newbies in parliament

Available on BBC iPlayer is a Radio 4 programme on the experience of five of us ‘newbies’ in Parliament – based on an audio diary which we recorded in the first two weeks after the election.

shootings in west cumbria

I would like to express my profound shock and sadness at yesterday’s events in West Cumbria. I am sure all my constituents will join me in grieving for the victims of this terrible crime. I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to them, their families and their friends. This is a difficult time for the communities of West Cumbria and […]


Article first published in BBC News on 1 June 2010.   WEEK ONE: Last night was the most dramatic event I think I’ve ever witnessed. It was in the 1922 committee room, incredible, as you can imagine, panelled oaked room with pictures of Gladstone at the back and so many Conservative MPs gathered in that […]


first days in parliament

The BBC World Service spent the past few weeks following my journey to Parliament. Starting with the campaign trail, I explain my journey towards the mystifying corridors of Westminster, finishing with the historic process of selecting the Speaker. You can listen to the programme and view accompanying photographs on the BBC World Service website.

audio reflections

After the first week in Westminster it was wonderful to be back in Cumbria. Press play to hear about my first weekend spent in the constituency since being elected.     Listen!       

coverage on the result

The News and Star covers the result: Photos of the count The Times on the election as a whole: