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Election Thank You – Letter to The Herald June 15th

Dear Sir,

I would like, through your pages, to thank everyone who voted for me in the general election.

​It is a great honour to be returned as your Member of Parliament, in the most beautiful and special constituency in England. ​

​I would like also to thank all of my campaign team and helpers in Penrith and The Border for their very hard work during the election period; the Acting Returning Officer, Matthew Neal, and his team at Eden District Council, and all the counting staff and the policeman at the count, for their professionalism and dedication; and, importantly, I pay tribute to my fellow candidates for the way in which they conducted their campaigns. It​ has been a great privilege to work alongside them.

​I will continue to work as hard as possible to​ bring out what is so special about Penrith and The Border. Special not just in Cumbria​, but in ​Britain. This is still the most remote, most sparsely populated, and largest constituency in England. And, if we can make something of that, and of our extraordinary landscape, and ​of the structure of our economy,​ we can in the coming decades really make this area something that can be the marvel of the world.

Once again my sincere t​hanks​ to everyone who participated in this election and for all the work that you have done. I look forward to continuing to represent you in Parliament.

Yours sincerely,