Penrith Cinema

penrith cinemaThank you to everyone who supported the campaign to save the Penrith cinema. In April 2011 the owners, the Graves telephoned me to say that they agreed to keep it open for another ten years. It is a most generous gesture, but it is also a real triumph for all of you: for the many people who joined the marches; for the many people who signed up to our new website – – for the primary school children who organised their own campaigns; also for the many, many people who pledged money – our website registered £120,000 of pledges and donations in four weeks. And for the extraordinary work done by the organising committee. This is a victory for the communities of Penrith and Eden – for their determination and optimism – and an extremely well-run campaign by local volunteers. It is a perfect example of what we can achieve locally when working together.


triumph for penrith cinema

Rory has hailed the saving of Penrith cinema as a ‘triumph of community action”. “Save Penrith Cinema” was launched in January when its owners announced that the long-established cinema was to close and be re-let in a matter of months. A vibrant campaign brought hundreds of supporters into the streets, formed a community-purchase committee and raised […]

two campaigns: penrith cinema and newton rigg

On Thursday, I defended Cumbrian community action in the London School of Economics, where the rhetoric was as extreme as the setting was bland. My opponents compared parish council initiatives to Athenian slavery and the Bombing of Baghdad, in front of a quiet scholarly audience in a lecture theatre. On Saturday, I was amidst the […]


penrith cinema fundraising campaign

Last Saturday Rory launched a fundraising campaign for the Penrith Cinema by pledging to match any donations up to £1,500. He was immediately matched by local businessman Dave Harding (owner of the Angel Lane Fish and Chip shop), at a rally to save Penrith’s Lonsdale Alhambra cinema on Saturday 29th January. Dozens of others in […]

save penrith cinema update

  Update on the Lease Situation at the Alhambra:   I spoke to Vince Hughes, one of the directors of Graves, on Friday. He explained in some detail the financial information and the offer he had received, but on a confidential basis. I encouraged him to talk to his Board about sharing information more widely. […]

save penrith cinema

  Please support our bid to save Penrith’s  Lonsdale Alhambra Cinema The hundreds of protesters, who I joined outside the Cinema on Saturday were amazing. There was real verve, energy and exuberance in the streets. I never thought I’d see so many people (still less end up standing between Darth Vader and Borat). I love […]