Policy Suggestions


Britain has never had such an engaged or educated public. All of us are living lives which would be unimaginable to our grandparents. This should be the most extraordinary opportunity for democracy, and as a Member of Parliament I began an exercise in tapping some of the energy and ideas of Cumbria, and Britain at large. So I began to invite policy suggestions from the public, and posted them below, for readers to consider and vote upon. People were encouraged to send in suggestions here.

I was keen for this page to serve as space in particular for readers to make some of the more simple and practical suggestions that arise out of their everyday lives and experiences. These were the small policy changes, often overlooked by advisers and specialists in Whitehall, which otherwise hold real significance and meaning to many across Britain.

My aim was to ensure the most popular and credible suggestions were put to government, and to see some of them included in the platform for the next election as well. I kept updating the list as suggestions came through.

Rural Public Transport Request

Kirkby Stephen and all other small rural towns where there is insufficient population to be economically viable enough to run public transport privately require local authority funding to supplement and support a decent public transport infrastructure for the following reasons: 1. To sustain and support local economies – less people visit towns that have no […]

Forty Percent Rule

I heartily applaud your government’s efforts to make the public service unions more accountable. But how about taking your own medicine and applying it to local and national elections? – Less than 40% turnout and the election is voided! – Less than 25% in any constituency and no candidate can ever stand for election again

Education for National Service

For some time I have read and heard about shortages in key skill area such as medicine; care for the elderly; education; emergency services and other areas of the community. To rebalance this could the government not look at the following; Offer students free university tuition or other equivalent education on condition they repay society […]

Reduce the number of Councillors

You have previously mentioned in an article that you would like to cut the number of MPs down to 100. Bearing in mind that Councils nationwide are having to cut many millions from their budgets, here in Cumbria there does seem to be an excess of Councillors in comparison with other authorities. It would certainly […]


Every single day, late in the evening, two of our five terrestrial channels (Channel 5 and ITV) run programmes (lasting for two hours or more) encouraging viewers to gamble. It is shameful that our government is conniving with this. Gambling is a most serious addiction, every bit as bad, or worse, than alcoholism. It often […]

NHS Paperwork

Anyone who has recently received a Hospital appointment request from their GP will have been given paperwork giving instructions on how to proceed. I am of the opinion that the three sheets of A4 paper could be reduced down to two or even one page and still contain all relevant information. The way the details […]

Subdivision of underused Properties

Many older people live in large houses so how about a Council led initiative that arranges subdivision of such properties. I see advantage in as well as reducing the need for new build, the elderly prime owner stays at home and new adjoining accommodation is created, the owner receives a rental income, there is an […]


At present, with all development projects, including wind-farms, the various providers for the Impact Assessments, (including issues such as hydrology and wildlife) are all chosen and paid-for by the developer. This produces an obvious conflict of interest, which is one of the worst sins of governance. He who pays the Piper calls the Tune. And […]