shootings in west cumbria

I would like to express my profound shock and sadness at yesterday’s events in West Cumbria. I am sure all my constituents will join me in grieving for the victims of this terrible crime. I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to them, their families and their friends. This is a difficult time for the communities of West Cumbria and the nation as a whole. I will do my very best to ensure that all those touched by these events are given all the help and support that they will need in the difficult weeks and months to come.

Rory Stewart made the following statement on the events in Cumbria in the House of Commons today (it was the first time he spoke in the House):

The honourable member for Copeland, with whom I’ve been in touch – is in his constituency.  Speaking for mine, nearby, can I tell my right honourable friend that everybody, here and elsewhere, quite rightly expresses shock, but in Cumbria we feel it in a way that touches every life.  Can I thank her [the Home Secretary] for the urgent attention she’s giving this. She speaks and acts for all of us.
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