Education for National Service

For some time I have read and heard about shortages in key skill area such as medicine; care for the elderly; education; emergency services and other areas of the community.

To rebalance this could the government not look at the following;

Offer students free university tuition or other equivalent education on condition they repay society by doing a required number of years work for any level of government in their chosen profession.

For instance a doctor after five years of education would be required to work for the NHS for say 8 years at whatever job / location was required. Likewise police, if education is three years, then five years’ work.

· Of course they would receive the relevant salary

· Opt out would be expensive

The policy could be phased in, for instance a fifth year medical student could have their tuition fees reimbursed and be on the scheme, this would mean quick implementation of the process.

It would be a national service of sorts and presented as such with those participating seen as helping the community. If successful it would keep topping up the most important services with skilled people.

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