selection as the conservative candidate

On Sunday 25th October 2009, I was delighted to be selected through an open primary to be the Conservative Party’s candidate for Penrith and The Border. I’m unbelievably happy and honoured to have this opportunity. This selection process and to be chosen as the candidate for such a beautiful constituency has been a life-changing experience […]


Rory Stewart, director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, lays out an alternate strategy for the international community in Afghanistan.


Transcript first published on on 21 September 2009. What has the Obama administration proposed for Afghanistan? The Obama administration has proposed a very, very narrow objective, which is counterterrorism, and a very maximalist, broad definition of how to achieve it, which extends to counterinsurgency and the defeat of the Taliban, and basically the fixing […]

Radio interview | Afghanistan Policy Bound to Fail

Rory’s appearance on National Public Radio’s ‘All Things Considered’. In this interview, Rory lays out his critique of American’s counter-insurgency policy in Afghanistan to host Guy Raz. To listen, click on the link below: National public radio

Afghanistan: What Could Work?

First published in The New York Review of Books, 17 December 2009. Cool poker-players, we are tempted to believe, only raise or fold: they only increase their bet or leave the game. Calling, making the minimum bet to stay, suggests that you can’t calculate the odds or face losing the pot, and that the other […]


Article first published in the Evening Standard on 12 August 2009. The man who briefs Obama’s team has a new mission: to clean up British politics. Will Parliament prove even more dangerous for Rory Stewart than Kabul or Iraq? The ground covered by Rory Stewart, who is 36, is remarkable. A soldier, a diplomat, a […]

Expert: Afghanistan Policy Bound to Fail

First Published as a conversation on National Public Radio Transcript GUY RAZ, host: This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I’m Guy Raz. This hour, we’ll check in with the biggest pop star in Italy and get an update on the mass protest movement in Iran. But first, to Afghanistan, where in these first […]