Policy Suggestions


Britain has never had such an engaged or educated public. All of us are living lives which would be unimaginable to our grandparents. This should be the most extraordinary opportunity for democracy, and I would love to tap some of the energy and ideas of Cumbria, and Britain at large. So I have begun to invite policy suggestions from the public, and posted them below, for readers to consider and vote upon. Please do send in your own suggestions here.

I am keen for this page to serve as space in particular for readers to make some of the more simple and practical suggestions that arise out of their everyday lives and experiences. These are the small policy changes, often overlooked by advisers and specialists in Whitehall, which otherwise hold real significance and meaning to many across Britain.

My aim is to ensure the most popular and credible suggestions are put to government, and I would like to see some of them included in the platform for the next election as well. I will keep updating the list as suggestions come through. And If you sign up to the newsletter, I’ll send through regular updates on which suggestions are gaining support.