rheged centre film screening

The Legend of Lawrence of Arabia, written and narrated by Rory Stewart The Rheged Centre 15th January 2010 at 7pm Come and join me at a preview screening of this BBC 2 documentary before it airs on television. The director (Iain Scollay) and I shall be in attendance to give a talk and answer questions. […]


I am unpacking again in my cottage in Dufton in the Pennines. The backpack and most of its contents have been with me for 10 years. The boots crossed 3,000 miles before the waterproofing frayed. The down-jacket has served as my pillow in 500 different village houses between Turkey and Bangladesh and smells like it. […]

walking makes it through when cars fail

When Monday’s blizzard drove a gritter into a ditch, blocking all vehicle traffic from Penrith to Alston, I was lucky to be on foot, as I managed to do the whole journey from Alston to Castle Carrock. It was extraordinary to come up onto Hartside and see the lights of the police car, shimmering in […]

radio 4’s “any questions?”

On Friday I took part in BBC Radio 4’s “Any Questions?” programme. All kinds of topics came up including issues directly affecting Penrith and the Border. You can listen to the episode on BBC iPlayer at the following address: (opens in a new window)

observations on walking with rory

  So on day one I meet Rory. And on day two I join him on his walk. And we walk as it happens from Morland to Penrith, through the mid grey of a winter morning with hardly a breath of wind and just the touch of a sneeze of rain. For the morning, we […]

orton farmers’ market

On Saturday December 12, I had the opportunity to visit the Orton Farmers’ market on the third day of my two-month walk across the constituency. It was great to meet local farmers and shoppers, and to see the range of high quality food produce from Cumbrian farms. Penrith and the Border is really leading the […]

get involved

Thank you for your interest in helping Rory become the next Member of Parliament for Penrith and The Border. If you’d like to get involved with Rory’s election campaign there are a number of ways you can assist: Help Spread the Word About Rory It’s really important you tell friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members […]

walk through the constituency

Between 9th December and 23rd December I will be walking through the constituency – this will present a unique opportunity to develop a detailed understanding of Penrith and the Border. More importantly will provide a chance to meet local people and hear views on the problems and challenges facing the community. The schedule for the […]


Article first published in the Daily Telegraph by Anna van Praagh on 1 November 2009. Britain doesn’t make men like Rory Stewart any more. The former diplomat has trekked 6,000 miles across Asia; at 28, wrote a best-selling book, The Places in Between, about the walk; was governor of a province in Iraq at 29; […]