Rory visited Tata Steel’s Shap Fell quarry for the first time last week, meeting with the quarry’s Managers Alastair Dunn and Chris Queen in a visit that enabled Rory to see at first-hand the workings of the limestone kilns on the outskirts of Shap in his constituency.

It was an opportunity for Rory to discuss with the quarry’s team their plans for the future, and the initiatives that they undertake to engage with the local communities in and around Shap, particularly on issues around traffic reduction through the village and the restoration of historically quarried land on the Fell.

Rory said: “It has been fascinating to see how Shap Fell quarry operates. I am particularly encouraged by the quarry managers’ positive attitude to the local community. I have raised a number of community issues with them recently, and I was pleased that they have made a real effort to engage with residents of Shap and surroundings, particularly taking steps to try and minimise traffic through the village.  I am also pleased with how serious Tata steel has been in addressing the environmental concerns relating to permissions to resume quarrying at the site: from the effects of dewatering, to the restoration of the landscape, and the conditions of the baseline geology. These are all vital areas for our area, and it is great that the quarry is taking them seriously.”

Alastair Dunn, Quarry Manager, said: “It was good to meet Rory and show him some of the work we do here at Shap. We were also able to talk to him about our planning submission to restart taking stone from our own quarry and the positive impact this would have on the local community with the reduction of heavy traffic passing through Shap village.”

Shapfell Manager Chris Queen, said: “Tata Steel was delighted to host Rory on his first visit to our site at Shapfell. We have been at this site, providing employment, for many years and so it was good to be able to discuss with our MP our vision of the future and how we hope to be able to continue to serve and protect this close-knit community.”

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