Rory visited three flourishing local Cumbrian businesses in Kingmoor Park in his constituency on Friday, guided by Chief Executive Tony Goddard and Property Manager Ross Nicholson. Design company Print Graphic showed the MP their state-of-the-art printing presses that are amongst the greenest in the UK and run virtually chemical-free. Explosive Productions introduced him to young artists who provide entertainment to some of the biggest names in the cruise and tourism industry. CAD Works, a small independent engineering company, introduced the design and production of a variety of steel products including conveyors, mixers and industrial pipework.

Rory focused on the growth, the training, and the turnover of these Cumbrian companies. He called it a “fascinating look at what is best about Cumbrian business”. He emphasised the important role played by Kingmoor Park in providing a space for local businesses, and endorsed their plans to expand into storage warehouse space with the £60m construction project ‘Monarch@Kingmoor’. This would involve the building of a one million square-foot warehouse that would increase the site’s storage capacity and bring in businesses using the site as a logistics facility.

Rory said: “Kingmoor Park is a great example of the resilience, innovation and energy that is characteristic of so many of our businesses, as well as a symbol of how old and new can integrate to propel our economy forward. I was enormously impressed by the way in which the businesses here are adopting modern, indeed cutting-edge, technology and techniques to deliver their work, whilst at the same time holding on to the core values of hard work and strong workforce relations. I think that the site has enormous potential to make north Cumbria and Carlisle a great place to do business, and I wish Kingmoor Park every success with their exciting ‘Monarch@Kingmoor’ project.”

Tony Goddard, Managing Director of Kingmoor Park Properties Ltd said: “We were delighted to welcome Rory to Kingmoor Park.  It is a very exciting time for the site as we have just launched our Monarch@Kingmoor initiative at the House of Commons. This launch was the start of positioning Carlisle and our site at the forefront of the big shed marketplace where we can cater for a single development of up to a million sq ft.  This is an extremely exclusive part of the property market as there are not many industrial estates in the country that not only have the land availability but also the infrastructure such as location, motorway connection, workforce, broadband etc to support a development of this size.  We were delighted to explain to Rory what we are doing and why his support is important to us.   His visit was also an opportunity for us to showcase some of our fantastic small to medium sized businesses including Print Graphic, Explosive Productions and CAD Works who are the large occupiers of the future”.

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