With Debt Awareness Week taking place this week, Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and The Border has today called on constituents to ensure they are taking advantage of free help and support available for anyone struggling with winter energy bills.

Rory said: “Nobody should suffer in silence and there’s a range of help and advice for any constituents who are having problems paying their energy or other household bills. I encourage anyone currently in financial straits to spend some time looking at the free advice which is available to them, at what is always a difficult time of year.”

British Gas does a great deal to help those who are struggling with their debt. In 2013, British Gas spent more than £380 million helping 1.8m vulnerable households with discounts, free insulation and benefits advice. The company has a successful partnership with StepChange Debt Charity – organisers of Debt Awareness Week – which helps customers by offering manageable payment plans for their energy and other household debts. It also funds The British Gas Energy Trust – an independent charitable trust set up 10 years ago. British Gas has provided the Trust with £75million to help people living in fuel poverty. The Trust provides grants to help with energy arrears as well as a wide range of advice and is open to everyone, not just British Gas customers.

Other support that British Gas provides includes flexible payment plans, referral to the Warm Home Discount scheme which gives eligible customers a £140 discount on their electricity bill, and identifying if customers are eligible for free insulation or boiler replacements.To register for extra help, customers or someone acting on their behalf should call 0800 072 8625 (or 0800 294 8604 if they have a Pay As You Go meter).

Rory said: “I want all my constituents to understand what help is available for them. Keeping on top of winter bills and managing debt is so important and I’d urge anyone in Penrith and The Border to get in touch with their energy supplier to find out what support is on offer.”

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