wigton carnival

Rory attended Wigton’s Carnival on Saturday, joining local Mayor Cllr Paul Radcliffe (who is also the Chair of the Carnival Committee), local councillor Joe Cowell and other members of the Committee for a colourful procession through the town ahead of the Penrith Brass Band, ending at the town’s show ground. The procession – which included a homage to the recent Royal Weding, a float of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s oompa loompas, and a Robin Reliant – was the result of months of preparation.

Rory said he was honoured to attend the event, and commented: “It was wonderful – as ever – to see such a great atmosphere alive in Wigton today, despite the rain. The Carnival is the result of a tremendous amount of work and organisation by volunteers throughout the year, and I am delighted to be able to support it for the second time as the town’s local MP. Wigton is an example of fantastic community spirit, which is in evidence in particular on a day like today.”

Local councillor Joe Cowell said: “We are delighted with Rory’s presence here today. The Carnival is a well-supported event and it just gets better and better. It is organised entirely by volunteers and the work put into it is phenomenal.”



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