tinclair’s library at bampton

Rory joined residents of Bampton, Heritage Lottery Fund NW committee member Tiffany Hunt, and local history enthusiasts on Saturday 14th May at the official re-opening of the eighteenth-century library, founded as a Trust in 1750 by Reverend Jonathan Tinclar with a donation of £50. Educated at Bampton Grammar
School – renowned in its time for its output of scholars, many of whom were destined for the Church of England – Reverend Tinclar’s intention was to endow the parish’s vicars with books on theology, law and science. Over the years, the collection has expanded to include about 1,500 works, including donations and books received from other parish libraries. The collection was re-catalogued in 1992, and has now been re-housed in St Patrick’s Church Hall at Bampton Grange, where Saturday’s ceremony took place. The re-housing of the collection has
been made possible with help from the National Lottery and its Heritage Lottery Fund.

Rory Stewart said: “Tinclar’s Library is a small but perfectly formed collection of fascinating works, from eighteenth century guides to the Lake District to nineteenth century travel books from the Balkans and
North America to parish records, resources, photographs, and census results from as early as 1841. The Trustees have done a wonderful job of re-housing the works in a peaceful reading room in the heart of
Bampton Grange, with oak bookshelves created by a local craftsman. It is such a pleasure to see a community take such pride in their history, and to preserve – with real care and dedication – this important and valuable resource for future generations. I very much look forward to returning to the Library in the future to browse the


Rory with Tiffany Hunt, NW Committee of the Heritage Lottery Fund

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