rory’s talk helps raise over £500 for st lawrence’s church in appleby

Rory recently delivered a fundraising talk on his journey by foot across Afghanistan to a packed out audience in St Lawrence’s Church in Appleby.

Accompanied with a slideshow, Rory spoke not only of his walk from Herat to Kabul, but also offered an historical, political and cultural narrative of the region which allowed the audience to gain a much deeper appreciation of Afghanistan. Juliet Kay who helped organise the event said: “Rory Stewart’s talks are always popular and his willingness to share his extraordinary experiences has helped to raise £564 for St Lawrence’s church for which we are very grateful.”

The funds will be used to help in the renewal of the church’s facilities to ensure it can continue to serve the community for future generations.

Speaking on the event afterwards, Rory said: “I always enjoy spending time in Appleby, and anything I can do to help raise funds for the local community church is fantastic. Although I have delivered this talk on my journey across Afghanistan many times now, the way the audience reacts and their particular interests are always different. This was a fantastic opportunity to reflect on how walking can be a powerful way of learning.”

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