rory visits wigton’s chrysalis

Rory met staff and members of Wigton charity Chrysalis last Tuesday April 12th at their Longthwaite Road site, and visited their wholefoods shop in the town.

In discussions with managers Claire Doherty and Julie Kemp, Rory focused on the charity’s contract with Adult Social Care, and discussed ways in which it is might generate business income and more charitable donations alongside its more traditional sources of funding.

Rory said he was incredibly impressed at the range of work that the charity carries out, and its flexible and modern approach to generating both opportunities for its members. He said: “Chrysalis is showing how it can interact in really valuable ways with the local community, in particular with its excellent wholefoods shop that is staffed by some of its members. The centre here has a vibrant, positive atmosphere, and it is being run by managers who are real visionaries. I would also like to invite Chrysalis to become my Charity of the Month.”

Rory also said that he believed government should be “far more flexible” in dealing with local Cumbrian charities. “Because of the complexity of procurement contracts and the volume of paperwork, local charities – who are doing excellent work – often find it difficult to compete for contracts with national charities with giant fund-raising teams. Chrysalis is a great example of a local provider which should be supported.“

Chrysalis, established in 1984, offers support services for adults with learning disabilities, and works across north Cumbria to provide a wide range of activities including creative arts, horticulture, sports, fell-walking, and – through its wholefood shop in Wigton, which Rory also visited – practical business experience in a retail environment. For more information please call Chrysalis on 016973 44751 or email [email protected].


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