Rory to Launch Group to Promote Cumbrian Tourism in Westminster


Following a meeting with Eric Robson, Chairman and Ian Stephens, Managing Director of Cumbria Tourism, Rory has pledged to create a platform from which Cumbrian tourism can be discussed in Parliament and promoted outside of Cumbria.

Rory has proposed setting up an associate parliamentary group which would involve all Cumbrian MPs and Lords as well as any individuals or bodies outside of Parliament who have a strong interest in the promotion of Cumbrian tourism affairs. The county, largely dominated by the Lake District National Park at its centre, currently attracts around 30 million visitors a year, and tourism remains its most significant source of income.

Speaking on the matter, Rory said: “Given the centrality of tourism to the Cumbrian economy, a parliamentary body which brings together those who have the capacity to structure and develop policy on the matters affecting the region could produce tangible, positive results back home. Much more needs to be done promoting to the wider world what Cumbria has to offer. I want to end up in a situation where foreign tourists see getting a photo on top of Blencathra as being as important as a photo in front of Big Ben.”

In addition to the associate group, Rory is looking into the idea of establishing a “Cumbria Day” at Westminster, where local businesses would have the chance to market and promote themselves within the nation’s capital. He is also extremely keen for Hugh Robertson MP – the current Minister for Sport and Tourism – to pay a visit to region, so that government can be better informed of the issues that affect Cumbria specifically.

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