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Rory is to host a public meeting on Brexit in Newton Rigg at 15:00 on Friday 7th December.

Mr Stewart will give a short talk, offering a timeline of the Government’s negotiation, in addition to an explanation of the contents of the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration. He will make the case for the Prime Minister’s Brexit Deal and will then answer questions from the audience on the subject. The event will take place at Newton Rigg Conference Centre and will last for an hour, with plenty of time for constituents to engage their MP on one of the biggest issues to face the country since the Second World War.

Mr Stewart has been a strong supporter of the Prime Minister’s Brexit Deal since its announcement last month. To that end, he has appeared on local radio and given comments to local newspapers and, nationally, has promoted the Brexit Deal on Newsnight, the PM Programme and Politics Live, arguing that it gives the country the best of both worlds: economic certainty, control over immigration and an exit from the European Union. On Friday he will make this argument directly to his constituents, just as he has done in the past on issues that have affected them.

Rory said, “I’m very much looking forward to Friday. The Brexit Deal, which the Prime Minister has negotiated, offers something to both Brexiteers and Remainers alike, and I will make this argument directly to the audience in my first public meeting on this subject since 2016. We need to unite around this deal, to heal the divisions of the referendum and to recognise the benefits and opportunities that it will bring. Public debate is the lifeblood of our democracy and, just as at meetings on issues such as the future of Lazonby Fire Station, I am confident that we can reach a consensus”.

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