Rory teams up with British Gas to ‘Share the Warmth’

Rory is calling on local charities to take advantage of the British Gas Share the Warmth Scheme and pocket £50 for their efforts.

Charities in Penrith and the Border will be given £50 for every person on qualifying benefits they refer to British Gas for free insulation. As well as getting free insulation which will save them hundreds of pounds off their energy bills each year, the person receiving free insulation from British Gas will also be paid £50 once the installation has been completed.

Charities and people benefiting from the scheme do not need to buy their gas or electricity from British Gas to qualify for the deal. The £50 will be paid once the installation has been completed and there is no limit on the number of people they can refer. Charities that wish to take part in the scheme need to contact British Gas to register their interest by emailing British Gas at [email protected].uk. Loft insulation can save households up to £175 from their heating bills and cavity wall insulation can save up to £135. According to DECC, nearly half of Britain’s homes do not have adequate basic insulation. Only 57% of Britain’s lofts have been properly insulated and only 58% of cavity walls have been filled. All British Gas energy and services customers are currently eligible for free insulation.

Rory said: “It’s a tough time for both charities and homes in Penrith and the Border to make ends meet. This is a great scheme that can help charities raise revenue and help local residents save money. I’d encourage every charity to check and see if the people that they are helping can get free insulation and take advantage of British Gas’s offer.”

Jon Kimber, Managing Director of British Gas New Energy, said: “With household budgets stretched we know that people are looking at ways to save money. £1 in every £4 spent on heating is wasted due to poor insulation so energy efficiency can have a massive impact. We want to support those who need it most, and we are delighted to offer this scheme to local charities and people across Cumbria. If charities can help us provide support to the people they come into contact with then we’re happy to reward them for their efforts.”


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