I have been horrified to find that someone has inserted my name into a fake list or spreadsheet, that claims to be about MP harassment. This list has then been emailed around and shared on twitter, without any attempt to check whether it was true. I have no idea where this list originally came from, who compiled it, or why someone put my name on it. It is, for the record, completely untrue and deeply hurtful.

This list linked my name to Sophie Bolsover, who was my researcher in Westminster. She has also issued a statement, here:

‘While I recognise the seriousness of the allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour, sexual harassment and worse, I wish to emphasise that nothing of the kind implied by my name being included on this spreadsheet ever took place. During my time working in Parliament, Rory Stewart was never anything other than completely professional and an excellent employer. Moreover the inclusion of my name on this list, by parties unknown to me and without my permission, has caused deep distress and anxiety.’

You can imagine the pain and embarrassment such lies cause also for me and my family.

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