Rory Stewart MP is supporting the CLA’s ‘New Opportunities’

​r​oadshow events, and its campaign to encourage debate around the opportunities and challenges for land management and rural business in the wake of June’s Brexit vote.
The local MP is the latest to support the CLA’s work, which includes a series of seminars, roundtables and meetings held from Cornwall to Northumberland, where CLA

​policy ​experts have outlined to CLA members, MPs and others the areas of most significant change for the countryside.
Rory Stewart MP said: “The CLA is showing the importance of debate, and of not shutting ourselves off to the ways in which we will need to do things differently post-Brexit. We have to see this as an opportunity to try and do things better. I think that the most vital thing is to remain positive about what is going to be a significant change to the way that rural businesses and residents operate, following the complex work of assessing EU legislation.​ It is key that organisations like the CLA help to hold government to account on crucial issues such as CAP successors, trade policies that support farmers at home, and ensuring that the rural workforce remains stable. Therefore I very much welcome this campaign.”
Discussion at the CLA New Opportunities Roadshow events will feed into the next phase of the CLA campaign to ensure that farming, the rural economy and the environment are treated as priorities by Government as the UK prepares to leave the EU. The collection of New Opportunities briefing papers published by the CLA along with Scottish Land & Estates on

the core Brexit issues for the countryside and the rural economy can be found at:​

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