Rory heralds the protection of Cumbrian Police

Rory Stewart has commented on the Chancellor’s announcement in yesterday’s Spending Review, that police will be protected from any cutbacks. ​”​I am absolutely delighted with th​e ​result. I hope people understand how much work has gone into this debate. I’m delighted that I and John Stevenson were able to play a role in making Cumbria’s case on the spending formula. And were able with colleagues to make the case for National Security in a difficult era. Cumbria ​Constabulary continues to face many challenges, operating in the most sparsely populated areas of England, with a testing geography. But I’m delighted that we were able – as I hoped – to make a clear case and provide some security in the future.​As the Chancellor said, “The police protect us; we need to protect the police​.””

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