rory shows his support for penrith AFC


Rory had the opportunity this week to show his support for Penrith AFC in a match against Marske United, where the home team unfortunately lost 2-1.

The match provided the Penrith and the Border MP with an opportunity to meet with many of the club’s local officials and organisers, getting a better sense of how the club is run, and its importance to the town – the club has over 200 playing members in its various teams, of all ages, and both genders.

In the past, Rory has acted as an important conduit in negotiations with Eden District Council over the club’s future and helped to secure favourable terms over its lease of the ground at Frenchfields – terms the EDC have again recently agreed to for another year at least. The club continues to face long-term funding issues however and officials, although positive about the club’s future, continue to look for new ways in which to augment it’s revenue streams.

Ian White, Club Secretary, said:

“We welcome Rory’s involvement and his help in planning how the club will move forward in these difficult times. It is important for the club to maintain a productive working relationship with Rory and keeping him informed is key if we are to ensure the club can overcome any on-going uncertainties about its future.”

Rory said:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to come down and see Penrith AFC play this afternoon, despite finding them on the losing end of a close game on this occasion. It is very easy to see the hard work that goes into organising the club and the the support they receive is nothing less than I would expect from a town as dynamic and passionate as Penrith.

Penrith AFC makes a vital contribution to the provision of local sport and leisure in the town – particularly for younger generations, and its importance to the community should not be underestimated. I am glad to see Eden District Council have again agreed to look kindly on the club for the next year at least, and I personally remain committed and willing to doing all that I can to ensure the club continues to flourish.”


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