To commemorate National Citizen Service Action Day on March 7th, Rory Stewart MP, met with young Cumbrians in the centre of Penrith to celebrate and further support the NCS movement. Rory Stewart has been a strong advocate of NCS since its launch in 2011, and has previously called for the programme to be rolled out on a much bigger scale, with the majority of 16 and 17 year olds ideally taking part. The NCS is a part-residential programme, set up to help young people build greater confidence, self-awareness and responsibility, and provides them with the means and support to develop their own social action projects for local community issues they are passionate about. At Penrith bandstand on Saturday, the young volunteers were encouraging members of the public to complete a survey structured around the upcoming election and the UK political system.

Rory Stewart said:

“Cumbria has been a national pilot for the National Citizen”s Service, and it was a real pleasure to again meet young Cumbrians taking part in the scheme, and actively engaged in their local community. It is easy to see how much young people take from the experience, and I really hope we can continue to roll out NCS so that even more young people can benefit.”

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