Local MP Rory Stewart, has joined in on a weekend of celebrations at the Lazonby Community Swimming pool, to mark it’s 50th year in business. The pool was officially opened in July 1964 and has remained at the heart of village life ever since. It is still managed my a small group of dedicated local volunteers, and the pool’s original founder, Mr John Hume – now aged 92 – took part in a celebratory swim to mark the occasion.
Speaking at the event, Rory Stewart said:
“It is fantastic to see a wonderful community asset like Lazonby pool still going strong after 50 years, thanks wholly to the spirit and energy of local volunteers. Looking around today, we see people of all ages here to enjoy the pool, and there are few better examples of a local amenity bringing an entire community together.

There is absolutely no reason why the pool cannot continue to thrive for another 50 years, and I very much hope to find myself going for a celebratory swim to mark its 100th anniversary.”

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