rory discusses afghanistan and travel with ullswater and QEGS students

Rory was invited to Ullswater Community College in Penrith on Friday, where he gave a slide show on his Asian travels, and took questions from 150 students from both Ullswater and neighbouring Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.

Rory introduced the history, the culture, and the religion of the Central Asian region. He showed slides on family houses, and described the position of women, marriage, and the experience of decades of war. He also described charitable work in Afghanistan. It was a lively interaction between the MP and students with questions going in each direction.

Speaking afterwards, Rory said: “it was a great opportunity to introduce a part of the world, which is very important at the moment but which we often know too little about. These are societies which are about as far removed from our own as we can often imagine. But they raise very important thoughts about life, war, religion and family. I’d love to do more such talks – it’s very exciting to be able to introduce such testing subjects to students – and I learned a lot through the questions and answers. I hope I have the opportunity to do more such events.”

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