Rory Celebrates Cumbria’s Telestroke Service Success


Rory visited the Cumberland Infirmary’s Telestroke Service on Friday, where he congratulated the team behind the success of this flagship service, which allows consultants to monitor and diagnose stroke patients remotely.

The presentation, led by the Cumberland Infirmary’s Dr Paul Davies, explained how the Telestroke Service, which links 15 stroke consultants from eight hospitals across Lancashire and Cumbria, has managed to  deliver over 300 assessments and “thrombolysed” nearly 150 patients since its set up last summer. Through the use of high-speed broadband technology (it currently uses a speed of 1920kbps), there is now 24/7 thrombolysis treatment available for local stroke patients, with consultants able to conduct a ‘two-way’ conversation, and subsequent assessment, virtually.

Rory, long-time campaigner for the roll-out of super-fast and 4G broadband services in Cumbria, said that the Telestroke Service was “another fine example of the positive impact that broadband technology can have on rural communities”.

Speaking at the event, he said: “Telehealth initiatives, like this service, offer significant potential to patients within rural constituencies like my own, where service provisions are often limited. I look forward to the day when a strong and sustainable broadband network, and the wide adoption of telehealth services, means that living in a relatively isolated community need not mean reduced access to essential healthcare services. I was extremely impressed by the work that is being done by staff here at the Infirmary, and look forward to seeing similar services being adopted in our Cumbrian hospitals – both in the acute Trusts, and in our community hospitals.”



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