Rory Backs Dedicated Commonwealth Channel in UK Borders Bill

Rory was one of ten signatories and sponsors for a new Private Members Bill, proposing that citizens of Australia, New Zealand, and other British “realms” should have a dedicated passport line at British airports.

The Ten Minute Rule Bill, which was read out on the floor of the House by Andrew Rosindell MP, is designed to recognise Britain’s special historical relationship “in peace and war” with the realms. It also calls for a portrait of the Queen, a Union Flag and other appropriate national emblems are displayed at all international entry points to the UK. And it proposes renaming the frontline element of the UK Border Agency ‘HM Border Police’ to reflect and recognise the role of the Queen in protecting the border of the land she reigns.

Rory said: “I was proud to be one of the signatories and sponsors of this Bill. It is a great pity that if you come from a realm where the Queen is the head of State, and land in Britain, you are given no recognition, and are instead made to line up in a sometimes two hour queue, while citizens of the European Union¬†get a dedicated fast line. We have a special relationship with countries like Australia and New Zealand and Canada, and owe them a great deal, and this is a small symbol of recognition.”

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