cumbria’s national citizens service pilot

Rory met with local Appleby Grammar School student Daniel Hullock and volunteer Lynne Hullock at Newton Rigg on Friday to discuss the forthcoming National Citizens Service scheme in which they will be participating, and which will be piloted in Cumbria this summer. He spent some time chatting with Daniel and Lynne – who also happen to be mother and son – about the summer programme, and their hopes for the project.

The Cumbrian pilot of National Citizens Service (NCS) is one of only twelve in the country, and is a two-month summer programme for 16-year olds, involving both residential and at-home components and will be delivered by independent charities, social enterprises and businesses. It will lead by local youth charity Connexions Cumbria in collaboration with the Outward Bound Trust, and will involve community work and outdoor challenges.

Rory said: “I’m so excited about what this pilot can bring to the young people of Cumbria, and indeed to the volunteers who will take part too. I’d encourage anyone with some spare time this summer to consider volunteering. The project aims to develop the leadership skills of young people, and will introduce them to community and charity work as well as adventure challenges outdoors. Connexions Cumbria have done a remarkable job in achieving this pilot – one of the only rural pilots of twelve UK-wide – and I wish it every success.”

Participant Daniel Hullcock said: “I’m incredibly excited about the pilot and can’t wait for it to go on my CV. I’m really happy that I’m able to participate and am so excited about the possibilities that might come afterwards. I’m interested in going into an engineering career and this will be a great start.”

More information about the scheme can be found here or by contacting Connexions Cumbria on 0800 435 709

Rory with Lynne and Daniel Hullock:


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