A campaign is being launched to gather one hundred thousand people stretching from coast to coast to show their love for the UK.

The campaign which is called ‘Hands Across the Border’ – http://handsacrosstheborder.co.uk/ –  aims to gather people of all ages, from across the country, in a human chain with torches on the evening of Saturday 19th July. The hope is to demonstrate to Scotland how much English, Welsh and Irish people value Scotland’s place in the UK and how sorry they would be if Scotland separated in the Independence referendum on 18th September 2014. And to bring them together with Scots from across the border.

The organisers are Rory Stewart, who is half English, half Scottish and Member of Parliament for Penrith and the Border; and campiagner and businesswoman Anne-Marie Trevelyan from Berwick-upon-Tweed. Rory Stewart’s constituency includes Hadrian’s Wall and half of the English Scottish Border. He will launch the campaign with a speech in the House of Commons on Thursday 6th February.

Rory Stewart said: “I think millions of people in Britain would like an opportunity to express their love for the UK and the fact that they would miss Scotland terribly. This is not an opportunity about economics; it’s about emotional links and solidarity. I believe we can find well over a hundred thousand champions of our future together.”

Anne-Marie Trevelyan said: “As a local campaigner in North Northumberland I am acutely aware of the border as we cross back and forth across it at will. Friends, family and work-mates live their lives together unhindered by the technical border. We do not want to see a rigid border cutting off these ties.”

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