the small charity our big society is failing

The small Charity our Big Society is failing


Libby Purves has written an excellent article on how the emergence of large charities throughout the country are putting smaller ones out of business. Iceni, a small charity, working on a shoe string to help addicts in Ipswich has been swamped by the rules and bureaucracy enforced by the previous government.

Libby writes, “The point is that big charity battalions come to resemble and mimic statutory organisations. And in the roar of water, small, useful groups will drown. This is not to say that the big battalions that take over under this ruling are bad people, or would try not to do a good job. but Iceni was – is – doing a good job already. It is known by word of mouth: in the paranoia and mental confusion of addiction that matters terribly. In the fragile ecosystem of a neighbourhood, such a  body is a sheltering bank against the storm. Flatten it out in the name of rationalisation, centralise and homogenise under elephantine rules made by a defunct government and you crush some fragile flowers.”


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