the legacy of lawrence of arabia, bbc2

On Saturday 16th January at 8pm, BBC2 are screening The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia.  This is the first of a two-part documentary presented by Rory Stewart and directed by Iain Scollay.

Explaining why he chose to become involved in the making of the documentary, Rory says:  “Lawrence was a fascinating man.  He had huge integrity and was not afraid to speak out against the British occupation of Iraq in the face of huge opposition.”

“As a man, Lawrence was capable of great compassion and extreme self-discipline.  This mental and physical toughness aroused suspicion in some and earned him many detractors.  Yet his insight into the Arab world and into our own position vis-a-vis that world stands true to this day.”

Part two of The Legacy of Lawrence of Arabia will be broadcast on Saturday 22nd January.  BBC2 8pm.


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