the countryside alliance awards




The Countryside Alliance Awards, nicknamed the ‘Rural Oscars’, were borne of a need to support and promote rural communities. They celebrate people going the extra mile to ensure that rural Britain’s food and farming industry, small businesses, traditional skills, forward-thinking enterprises and, most of all, its people, can flourish.


Rory commented: “These awards are an excellent way to promote the businessmen and women who are working hard for rural Britain.  Our local produce in Cumbria is second to none. We are the most remote rural constituency in Britain. And we have one of the strongest voluntary sectors in the country. There are so many people here who deserve national recognition. It would be great if people became involved and nominated someone today.  I’m sure we can bring a British title home.”


The Awards run across the following eight categories:

1.        Local food Award

2.       Village shop/Post Office Award

3.       Enterprise Award

4.       The Daily Telegraph Traditional Business Award

5.       Butcher Award

6.       Hunter Rural Hero (16 and over)

7.       Hunter Rural Hero (15 and under)

8.       Grassroots Award for the Countryside Alliance member who has done most to advance rural campaigning in 2010.

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