supporting farming in longtown


The countdown to May 6th and this intriguing 2010 General Election is in its last phase and Rory has stepped up the tempo of his campaign accordingly.  Yesterday saw the team cover around 20 villages of the northern sector of Penrith & the Border, Rory meeting and greeting voters as he went.

The focal point of the day came when Rory gave conspicuous support for the farming community by travelling in a tractor driven by Roadhead farmer Steve Pattinson from the Sycamore Cafe in Longtown  to the Auction Mart.  There Rory distributed a letter to the farmers present promising to support the creation of a supermarket ombudsman, to work for a clearer separation between food production and the environment, to root for more honest labelling in food, to fight for more common sense and less regulation and to promise to focus  on a clear strategy to deal with the end of the Common Agricultural Policy in 2013.  Rory also promised to continue his fight to save the Newton Rigg campus of the University of Cumbria.



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