rural broadband and mobile coverage debate

Rory will open a full debate in the House of Commons on May 19th on the subject of rural broadband and mobile phone coverage. If he wins he hopes mobile coverage will be provided to an additional 2 million people around Britain and rural broadband will be significantly extended. Rory’s motion has garnered much cross-party support for the debate from MPs across the country, including Workington MP Tony Cunningham.

The motion of the debate is: “That this House recognises that rural businesses and rural communities across the UK are isolated and undermined by slow broadband and the lack of mobile voice and mobile broadband coverage; urges Ofcom to increase the coverage obligation attached to the 800MHz spectrum license to 98%; and calls upon the Government to fulfil its commitment to build both the best superfast broadband network in Europe and provide everyone in the UK with a minimum of 2Mbps by 2015.” Full debates proposed by backbenchers instead of the Government, or the opposition, are relatively unusual and only occur when the House of Commons concludes the subject is of unique interest or importance.

Rory said: “I’m absolutely delighted that I have managed to secure this debate – essentially, a full Parliamentary debate – to push for wider broadband and to extend mobile telephone coverage in rural areas. If I can get that motion passed  next Thursday, it should make a real difference to government policy and to 2 million people around the country.”

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