Rory has welcomed the latest increase in the number of people in employment, which illustrates the strength of the local and national economy.

Across the North West some 3,701,197 people are in work, an increase of 296,946 since 2010. Nationally, unemployment has fallen to its lowest rate since records began in 1971, with some 3.3 million jobs having been created since 2010. Mr Stewart is due to visit the Penrith Job Centre over the coming weeks to commend the organisation and to thank its staff for the work that they do in supporting people into work. Rory last visited the Centre in September 2017, following similarly positive local employment figures.

Commenting on this, Rory said, “This is excellent news and a real achievement, both for Penrith and The Border and for the country. These figures are proof of the strength of the economy in Cumbria, the quality of our small businesses and larger corporations, and the vital work done by our Job Centres. I am very much looking forward to my upcoming visit to the Penrith Job Centre to thank the staff for their vital work in combating unemployment”.

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