Rory visited the Appleby Heritage Centre on Friday where he met with staff to discuss the future of the centres’ apprenticeship programme. For many years Appleby Heritage Centre has been working in partnership with Carlisle College to provide apprenticeship opportunities to young people across the Eden Valley, but following the merger of Carlisle College with Newcastle College in April 2017 the centre’s future and its ability to delivery apprenticeship programmes has been in doubt.

After the visit ​Rory said: “Appleby Heritage Centre is a truly unique facility, a learning centre that has utilised the most extraordinary heritage space in a way that educates, employs and conserves: it is yet another local success story, and I know of no other similar place that exists. It has responded with flexibility, imagination and innovation to a changing world of education, and made sure that hands-on vocational training continues to feature strongly in young peoples’ lives. It is terribly important to the community that the centre can continue to operate and that school leavers in Appleby and the surrounding rural communities can continue to access high quality education and apprenticeships, and I will be doing everything I can to support the centre and help secure its future for many more generations to come.”


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