Rory at the Multi Agency Hub





Rory visited the Multi Agency Hub in Carlisle’s Civic Centre to discuss the challenges faced by those working in the hub.

The Multi-Agency Hub was set up in Carlisle to bring agencies together so that they can work more effectively on solving problems across the county. They deal with a range of problems from anti-social behaviour to domestic abuse, often working with some of the most vulnerable people in society. The hub has more recently encouraged local Government to get involved and Conservative Carlisle councillor Marilyn Bowman, who also attended the meeting, praised the work being done.

As the Justice Minister responsible for Prisons, Mr Stewart was interested to find out how the agencies worked to resolve situations in the hub and how prisons and probation played a part in the process.

After the meeting, Mr Stewart said: “I would like to thank those working at the Multi Agency Hub for all the work they are doing. Between them the agencies are working together to solve problems, find solutions and make society safer.

“I was really interested to hear how the police and other emergency services work with the third sector and social workers to make sure responses are coordinated. It is great to see that the hub is working so well and is a model that can be replicated elsewhere.”

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