Rory gave an animated talk on the history of Hadrian’s Wall to children at Bewcastle Primary School.

As a keen walker with a passion for Hadrian’s Wall and its history, Mr Stewart was delighted to visit the primary school to talk to year five and six students. Throughout the academic year the students are walking Hadrian’s Wall. Doing between 4km and 12km at a time, the students have already journeyed from Bowness to Gilsland. Next year they will complete the walk and take in Housesteads on their way to Segendunum.

Mr Stewart has himself walked along the wall many times and explored the impact of Rome’s occupation and departure in his BBC documentary series: Border Country – The Story Of Britain’s Lost Middleland.

At his talk on Friday, November 2nd, Mr Stewart vividly described what the wall would have been from its construction until the end of Roman rule in Britain. At its peak around 15,000 soldiers from all over the Roman Empire including modern day Romania and Syria were stationed at the wall, bringing their languages, cultures and religion with them. Hadrian’s Wall would have had a very military feel with watch towers, mile castles and forts along its length.

After the talk Mr Stewart said: “As a passionate walker and amateur Roman historian, I loved visiting the students at Bewcastle Primary School and talking to them about the fascinating history of Hadrian’s Wall.

“I think it’s fantastic what the school have set out to achieve and commend them for taking on such an adventure. And I hope that I can join them for part of the walk next year. I would highly recommend walking Hadrian’s Wall to anyone as it is a fascinating part of Cumbria’s history”

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