Rory Stewart MP at Penruddock Primary School

Rory visited Penruddock Primary School to discuss climate change and the environment with its pupils.

Penruddock Primary School’s Year 5/6 Class had been working on the theme of ‘Our Precious Planet’ and, as part of this, had studied what Cumbrians can do to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprints. They agreed that this involved reducing the amount of plastic used, and the threat of climate change. The children then wrote letters about their project, their concerns and their solutions to Mr Stewart.

Rory and the children discussed the challenges that the planet faces, particularly those of plastic pollution and deforestation. The children expressed their concerns with the decimation of animals and plantlife, which Rory shared, while explaining both what the Government had done to meet this challenge and what it was planning to do. Rory has a longstanding interest in environmental matters and has discussed these issues with students of all ages on many occasions, most recently meeting with climate strikers from Ullswater Community College in March.

Rory said “It was a very great pleasure to meet with the children and to discuss the most pressing issue of our day with them. Their knowledge and passion were impressive and a real credit to them, their teachers and their parents. The climate crisis and accompanying destruction of the natural world concern me hugely and it is encouraging to known that the young are engaged with it, and willing to work together to solve it”.

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