Rory supports Cumbria Bridleways Society’s spring social


Rory Stewart supported the Cumbria Bridleways Society last week by speaking at their

Annual Spring Social event, which was held this year at Hackthorpe near
Penrith. He  gave an illustrated talk on his travel in
Central Asia, with some horse-based themes, which members agreed was
“riveting, enlightening and informative”, before taking questions from
the audience.

“Cumbria’s network of bridleways is one of the

largest in the UK, and the Society fulfils an important function in
ensuring that the routes are closely monitored, and information fed
back to the relevant local authorities.,” Rory said.  “It is a fantastic example of a
volunteer-driven operation that monitors and communicates effectively
from the grass-roots, and I’m honoured to be able to be here at the
annual Spring Social to show my support.”

Speaking on behalf of the Society, its Chairman Mrs Tina Galloway
said: “We were delighted to have our indefatigable MP spend this time
with us. It was an evening to remember. Cumbria Bridleways Society and
a walk in Afghanistan may not have an obvious connection, but Mr
Stewart’s obvious enthusiasm for getting close to communities by
walking struck a definite chord amongst many of those present.”

Cumbria Bridleways Society, founded in 1979, works tirelessly to
promote the county’s historic system of rights of way for the benefit
of all users: horse-riders, cyclists and walkers alike. Cumbria boasts
the greatest number of bridleways in the country, and through its
Field Officer network the Society acts as a conduit for reporting
bridleways issues to the relevant departments and organisations, from
Cumbria County Council to the Lake District National Park Authority,
as well as attending public enquiries and sitting on Local Access
Forums. Clearing parties have been arranged with the full co-operation
of the authorities, and together with the local British Horse Society
committee the Society has also recently promoted an 80-mile network of
horse and bike-friendly routes known as the Eden Valley Loops.

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