Rory was invited to practice his woodwork skills at Caldbeck’s Men-in-Sheds initiative, where he had the chance to see firsthand how this local workshop project is helping Caldbeck residents stay active and engaged in the local community.

The Men-in-Sheds project has only been running for three months, and was set up by Philippa Groves of Northern Fells Group to help address the lack of community activities for older and retired men in the area. The project runs twice a week, and Clive Wragg and Charlie Miles help local residents build, repair and recycle in their community workshop.

Speaking after his visit, Rory said:

“The Men-in-Sheds project is fantastic. It is targeted at getting retired men out of the home. They meet in a shed, talk, fix things, and enjoy themselves. This project is the perfect example of a scheme which simply aims to provide an opportunity to meet, socialise and stay active for a couple of times each week. The positive impact of such a scheme on our well-being cannot be overstated, and by helping to repair neighbours’ garden tools, it only further reinforces that sense of ‘community’ that is so tangible in villages like Caldbeck.”

For anyone interested in attending the men-in-sheds project, the workshop runs in the old water wheelhouse in Caldbeck every Tuesday and Thursday, 10am – 2pm.

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