Following another meeting between Rory Stewart and the Home Secretary Theresa May, the Minister for Policing Mike Penning has confirmed that changes to the way Government money is allocated to police forces in England and Wales will be delayed.

This welcome announcement comes after Rory met with both the Home Secretary and the Minister for Policing with John Stevenson MP to stress the importance of Cumbria’s unique needs and the strain that such cuts would inflict on Cumbria’s hardworking police force.

Rory urged the Minister to demonstrate the Government’s ongoing commitment to ‘rural proofing’, to ensure that the geographically huge and sparsely populated meadows, hills and valleys of our Cumbrian Constituency are not subjected to models designed for urban areas.

Speaking following the Government’s decision to delay changes, Rory said: “I feel this shows the importance of focusing on Cumbria and Cumbria’s unique needs and in particular on the details of the funding formula. I am delighted that the existing formula will continue in place for another year while we look very carefully at the particular needs of rural forces.”

The Government has halted the process for 2016/17 and will consult further with Police and Crime Commissioners.

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