Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and The Border, along with fellow Cumbrian MPs John Stevenson, Jamie Reed, John Woodcock and Sir Tony Cunningham, last week welcomed members of the Cumbria Youth Parliament to Westminster in the first meeting of its kind. Rory spent two hours in discussion with the young Cumbrians, Organised by Cumbria County Council, the meeting was an opportunity for youth councillors to ask questions of the MPs, to share their recent achievements, and propose ways that they could work together for the benefit of young people in Cumbria. It was an important meeting which follows many years of lobbying for Cumbrian Members of Youth Parliament, resulting in Cumbria electing three new Members of the Youth Parliament (MYP) and three Deputy Members of the Youth Parliament (DMYP) in December. The group discussed a range of issues – from tuition fees, to local transport and mental health care for young people in Cumbria.

Following the meeting, Rory Stewart MP said: “It was wonderful to meet such an intelligent and politically engaged group of young people from Cumbria. I was incredibly impressed by their passion and commitment, as well as the volume of excellent ideas and solutions for problems in Cumbria. At a time when a lot of people worry about disillusionment in young people with regard to politics, it’s great to see young Cumbrians taking a lead and being proactive.”

Rory Stewart will be engaging with young people again at Rheged on Saturday 6th March, at the Cumbrian Young People’s Question Time, in his third appearance at the event. For more information please visit,com_eventlist/Itemid,210/did,164/func,details/

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