Rory Stewart MP last week visited Complete Engineering Services in Crosby-on-Eden. Founded in 1998, the firm is one of the largest providers of precision engineered parts in Cumbria and South West Scotland, and now employs 16 people.

The firm manufactures replacement components for large machinery for clients such as Pirelli, M Sport and James Walker, offering modifications and repairs as well as fulfilling requests for special purpose machinery. Complete Engineering also runs an apprenticeship scheme supported by Carlisle Local Committee. Apprentices undertake engineering qualifications through Gen 2 Training, while also learning on the job with Complete Engineering. Through this process, apprentices gain practical and technical engineering skills as well as acquiring the IT knowledge necessary for using Complete Engineering’s specialist, state-of-the-art equipment, and eventually become fully qualified mechanical engineers.

Director Alan Walker said: “For many of the companies that rely on us, a faulty machine can cost thousands of pounds an hour in lost production.  We need a team that can turn jobs round not just to a high standard, but quickly, so it’s vital that our apprentices gain the skills and experience to do that.”

During the visit Rory met with staff and was given a tour of the workshop by Directors Andrew Monkhouse and Alan Walker, and was impressed by the firm’s investment in local talent and their focus on innovation.

Rory said: “It’s incredible to see the results achieved by a Cumbrian business who continually invest in their staff and in technology. I am particularly impressed by the way in which they picked themselves up after the floods, and with their successful apprenticeships scheme. Apprenticeships provide people with a practical skill set that will stay with them for life, and bring a wealth of benefits to our economy in return, so it’s fantastic that Complete Engineering are offering these opportunities and nurturing local talent.”img_3358

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