“It was a great privilege to spend time today with our emergency services out on Alston Moor, meeting the military teams, and visiting the Gold and Silver Command centres in Penrith, and to be able to thank everyone in person for their tireless work in delivering vital supplies and services to those affected by the heavy snow in the past week. This is a terrible, terrible situation, and I am humbled by the dedication people have shown. The depth of snow, the terrain, and the sparsity of our communities has made this effort doubly difficult – with over 60 teams out with heavy dig, snow blower and plough
machinery.I especially wish to thank Cumbria Constabulary, the Fire and Rescue services, the Armed Forces, the County Council and the Highways Team, the NHS, the military and Mountain Rescue, our GPs and our out-of-hours doctors at CHOC and all our hospice staff: all of whom deserve our gratitude and admiration for their massive effort. And the countless volunteers and some outstanding community representatives. They have identified the most vulnerable homes and families, providing food, heating, medicine and rescue to those priority cases. Coordinating this response has not been easy – and while I realise many are frustrated – I think we all need to remember just how extreme the combination of snow, wind and terrain has been. Road infrastructure has been severely compromised, and people have told me that these are the worst conditions they have witnessed in living memory. A big and heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who has been involved in getting to our communities in the past few days. And I look forward to visiting more of you in the coming days.”

Rory has urged those whose farms, homes or businesses have been affected by the snow to contact him at [email protected] or by calling his constituency office on 01768 484114.
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