Rory Stewart MP has visited Wigton Hospital, where he met with nursing staff, Eveline Dugdale of the League of Friends, and Cumbria Partnership staff to reassure of his support for the Hospital, part of his ongoing campaign to push back against the Success Regime’s consultation into the future of Cumbria’s Community Hospitals.

The visit coincides with today’s announcement from the Success Regime that it is to extend is consultation period, from the proposed July date to the ‘end of the summer holidays’. Rory, who has held numerous discussions and meetings with Ministers, Success Regime officials, and League of Friends representatives of all four community hospitals in his constituency, stressed in the meeting at Wigton that there was a strong case to be made for community hospitals in north Cumbria to have an enhanced, rather than a diminished, role.

Speaking at the meeting he said: “Wigton Hospital must have a vision, similar to the excellent case made for Alston, and I will back it all the way in the campaign to not only retain our community hospitals, but to win them a greater role in the way that healthcare delivery is undertaken in this part of rural Cumbria. Our community hospitals, as I have always said, are essential services with a vital role to play. I think we could be looking towards a situation when our community hospitals continue not only in their clinical remit, but also as a social-care environment, given our ageing demographics and changing patient needs. I feel confident that we can put this case to the Success Regime successfully, and I will continue to fight for our community hospitals.”

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