Rory Stewart MP has formally submitted his views on the potential closure of Edenside Care Home in Appleby, as part of Cumbria County Council’s consultation. He has backed the campaign to keep Edenside care home since its inception, and has over the course of the past months had several meetings and discussions with residents, relatives, and local parties, attending the rally in May.

His statement to Cumbria County Council is as follows:

“I have in the past months been a vocal supporter of the care home, and of the need to reopen it as soon as possible. I continue to lend it my support, and wish to put on record my belief that the care home has an enhanced role to play in the local community, and to state that I wish the outcome of the consultation to be that Edenside care home remains.

Appleby has a growing, and ageing, population. The need for a care home has never been greater. It is true that flood events will always pose potential dangers, but the government and the Environment Agency are investing significant sums of money into making Appleby more flood-resilient as a town; this, inevitably, will have a positive impact on Edenside’s safety. This is‎ a public amenity that has been there for years. I also believe that an emergency evacuation plan can be prepared in advance of any potential event, and can be implemented in reasonable and secure time

The fact remains that the elderly and vulnerable residents of Appleby can look forward to better outcomes and a better quality of life, and are less of a burden on primary health services, when they receive care and attention in their own communities and close to home. I have visited residents of Edenside in their temporary home in Penrith, and have learned of the very negative impact that this temporary arrangement has caused. I fully believe that Edenside requires the necessary investment into repairs, so that it can reopen without further delay.”

Cumbria County Councillor Martin Stephenson added: “ I sincerely hope when Cumbria County Council Cabinet members consider the future of the Edenside residential home on Thursday 22nd September that they take the decision to do all the work which is necessary to re-open Edenside then start to consider future plans for new modern facilities in Appleby to meet the growing needs, out of the flood zone, to alleviate future risks.”edenside_rory

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