Rory Stewart MP has helped support the national awareness-raising campaign ‘Ed’s Lace’ by meeting with local constituents suffering from PSP – Progressive Supranuclear Palsy – a severe neurological condition which over time causes problems with sight, speech and response time, amongst other symptoms. Ed’s Lace is a shoelace in the corporate colours of the PSPA, with one end cut to enable the lace to fray – depicting the progressive nature of PSP.

Rory met on Saturday with Christine Shepherd, the North Cumbria Group Leader of the national group PSPA, and her husband John who is a sufferer of PSP. In the hope that public awareness can be raised, Rory is encouraging all to consider wearing Ed’s Laces throughout the Spring in order to highlight the severe nature of the little-known disease, which reduces adult life expectancy to an average of seven years from diagnosis.

Rory said: “I was very glad to meet Mr and Mrs Shepherd, and applaud them for the work they are doing to raise awareness of this very difficult disease. I would strongly encourage any constituent with the condition to get in touch with the PSPA who are doing a brilliant job nationally to support and advocate on patients, and their carers, behalf. I am grateful to Mrs Shepherd for everything she is doing in North Cumbria.”


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