Rory Stewart MP has met with the National Grid project team to look over detailed maps and plans in connection with its ongoing community information events, designed to inform the public and local communities in Cumbria of ongoing plans for the new connection to link new sources of electricity into the grid in Cumbria and Lancashire. The MP for Penrith and The Border requested the meeting in order to discuss in person the National Grid’s plans for the county and, in particular, how it might impact on residents and businesses in Penrith and The Border.

The National Grid has recently announced its ‘route corridor’ – a broad ribbon of land through which a new connection could be routed. Part of the route passes through Penrith and The Border, to the west and north of Carlisle. The National Grid are now looking to determine the exact line the connection will take within this corridor, how it will be built and where equipment will go. It is holding a series of community information events, which began earlier this month; people will have the opportunity to speak to members of the project team and to see the details of evolving designs.

Rory said: “I am impressed at the number of community engagement events that the National Grid are planning, and am encouraged that they are showing such a keenness to interact with local residents, businesses and other organisations with an interest in how the connection corridor is going to develop. Obviously, we need to balance the need for this energy project, with the need for community and landscape protection. The Grid have at all times kept me closely informed, and I look forward to that continuing. We all have an interest in this project, since energy provision affects us all; there are no easy solutions to it, and the importance of dialogue in discussing with the public how the Grid delivers energy now and in the future, cannot be underestimated.”

Joe Brunwin said: “Developing positive relationships with local stakeholders, including MPs, has been central to the development of the project. Over the past few years we have met with MPs in our project area as much as possible, which has included several meetings with Rory. We are glad to be able to provide him with these important updates in person, and welcomed the chance to meet.”

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